Friday, August 29, 2014

College Girl!!

can you believe that maddy is a college girl!? yeah, me neither. when i started dating toby, she was a mere 4 year old, and i remember her getting a splinter from the back deck and we kept telling her that if she didn't let us get it out, it would get infected. we must have repeated that warning 1 too many times, because she yelled "i don't know what infected means!" haha love this girl!

here she is on move-in day with mom and dad...

and we are sporting our purple koala shirts with columbia college pride!!!

...and gianna looked at herself with straight hair and declared "i look like aunt maddy!"

and she does, i think. both are really pretty girls whom i love so much.

the first year of college (or all 4) are tough, i know that...but we are happy to have her close to us for a change. and maybe, just maybe, that means we will see a little bit more of mimi around here...hint hint!


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