Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We Will Miss You Grandpa

heaven has a new angel. his name is Grandpa. 
toby's grandpa passed away last tuesday, august 20th.  
i can honestly say that he was one of the kindest people i have ever met.  he was so smart and quick witted too.  he always knew what was going on in our lives because he asked.  he cared.  we all will miss him very much.

here is grandpa with all of his grandchildren...amanda, jen, toby, maddy and heather.
and here he is with all of his great grandchildren too...roman, macee, gianna, rylee and camryn (and maddy again).  jaxyn was born after this picture was taken, but i don't have any pictures of him with grandpa.
on our trip up to delaware for grandpa's funeral, we saw a double rainbow.  as in the song "over the rainbow", i choose to believe that a rainbow leads to a happier place, which is where grandpa is now. 
we also got to spend some really great quality time with our family.  
here is roman and camryn being goofy down at the trailer.
and gianna has discovered the deliciousness that is bbq potato chips
who me? i wasn't in the chips, i promise!
do you think he had some sugar?
mimi has a really huge table at the trailer, and everybody was able to fit around it to eat some crabs
yumm, maryland crabs.  not much better than that!
gianna has also discovered the deliciousness that is bacon.
uncle josh, aunt colleen and lilah grace came to visit us for a few hours.  what a sweet treat to see them!

roman was in timeout in the hallway for something and toby came in to the bedroom where i was and started motioning for me to go out there and look.  this is what i saw.  these two are too sweet together!
we had lots of fun on mimi's swingset and gianna doesn't want to be in the baby swing anymore, she wants to sit on the big girl swing!
mommom came up to visit too and played a little basketball with roman.
these two are too much!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

i have a kindergartener!  that is ca-ray-zay!

roman picked out mostly camo and orange school supplies this year.  i know we don't still live in kent county, md but i think his redneck genes run deep!

 this series of pictures are too funny.  
roman wanted gianna in his pictures, so he bends down to her level. 
then she bends down too.  
she's holding on to the board too.
 then, she's like, "dude, i'm thirsty, but i'll hold your board".
 "are we done yet?"
 "okay, i'm done with your board, i'll just finish up my juice"
 finally, we kick gianna out of the pictures and get my main man by himself. 
 checking out the camo
 posing with momma in the parking lot
 and poppa too
 walking in to the cottage
 super happy to be in his new classroom
 no first day jitters for this guy, he's a pro
 front and center, sitting in his seat
 and the raven visited his classroom!
i guess after his first day...he just wanted to hide ... hee hee

Cooling Off

don't get me wrong, we love the pool, but sometimes it is just easier to put out the slip n slide and the baby pool and hang out in the yard.  right before school started, we did just that. 

it got a little goofy, with roman giving gianna a bunny tail.
 ahhh, that's refreshing!
 here gianna, you try it!
 this picture cracked me up.  it is so typical roman and gianna. 

Words of Wisdom

here are some things that roman has been saying lately that just make me laugh or remind me of how big he is getting. i don't want to forget these...

me: roman, i can't believe you are about to start kindergarten.  only a few more years and you will be graduating!  
roman: how many years? 
me: 13 more years. 
roman: oh man, i don't think i can do that!

roman: momma's favorite color is pink.
me: no, it isn't.
roman: purple?  i like pink and purple, even if they are girls' colors.  because i like girls. 
poppa: why do you like girls?
roman: because they are sweet and they give me sugar! (sugar is hugs and kisses)

me: what should we get poppa for his birthday?
roman: hmmm, what did we get him for his birthday last year?
me: i don't remember!
roman: that is ridiculous!

and, he's got some pretty hilarious moves too!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pretties, Planes, Pool, & Peeka!

look at these pretty flowers in a pretty purple bucket!  my husband sent me these to brighten up my new office at work.  love that.  
 roman and toby went to the store after gianna went to bed one night.  roman picked out a tiara for gianna and couldn't wait to give it to her in the morning.  at first, she's like, what's this?  then, she's like, okay, i can deal with this.  finally, she's like "give the queen her muffins!"
on friday night, we went to go see the new movie, Planes.  look at my date for the movies!  so handsome.  he was so excited that his popcorn fit in the cubby next to his car seat.
 the next day, we went to lowe's for the kids workshop so we could build the main plane from the movie, Dusty. i had to distract the little lady so we could actually get some work done.  she's very entertained with her fishies and her bebop...
 roman was very proud of his Dusty plane.  he did a great job on it!
 in the afternoon, we went to the pool.  
 these little cuties have really enjoyed going to the pool this summer.  i think next year, they will both be swimming like fishes. 
 roman even got up the courage to do a cannonball!
 one of gianna's teachers is moving on to another job, and friday was her last day.  gianna sure is gonna miss her "miss peeka"

just this week, gianna started saying her last name.  now, she says it all the time.  always talking.  always.

Monday, August 5, 2013

mishmash: noun - a confused mess, hodgepodge, jumble

garage clean out time!  so, that means that we dug out the power wheels and the kids looped it around the house a few dozen times. 

 i thought i was clever.  i put gianna in the back of the van while i unloaded the cart and so she wouldn't wander into traffic.  well, she found an old baby toy and got a little carried away and then didn't want to get out.  
gianna, 1: momma, 0
gianna is OBSESSED with lilah.  we have a picture album with all our family pictures in it.  but she calls it her lilah book and wants to "read" it every night.  and then, by a stroke of luck, aunt colleen sent us some pictures of lilah too.  so, now they are both in gianna's room and she says goodnight to lilah every night.  
 is it just me, or has gianna's hair grown out enough to just look like joe dirt?  and how about that belly?
 aunt maddy and her boyfriend, dennis came down for a visit, so of course, we had to have a water gun and rocket fight outside.  gianna even joined in.  

 the boys cheated by using the golf cart!
 after everyone left, we turned around to go in the house and we saw the most beautiful sky above our house.  roman said it looked like a treasure box.  i agree.  then, later we got a lightening storm.  it was really cool looking.  
 the kids really enjoyed "cuddling" with aunt hettie!
the kids are loving their bouncy balls and of course, gianna has to do everything roman does.  and he loves being the teacher!

look out, flying cuteness!
i seriously didn't know that roman could do this until this week! he didn't have enough room to do it here, but he can even walk around and hula hoop...what?
 lazy sunday morning.  silliness in momma and poppa's bed.
 um, what's that i spy in the background?
 yes, this chick has a major case of elvis bedhead!  well, she's my hunka hunka burnin' love, anyway...