Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We Will Miss You Grandpa

heaven has a new angel. his name is Grandpa. 
toby's grandpa passed away last tuesday, august 20th.  
i can honestly say that he was one of the kindest people i have ever met.  he was so smart and quick witted too.  he always knew what was going on in our lives because he asked.  he cared.  we all will miss him very much.

here is grandpa with all of his grandchildren...amanda, jen, toby, maddy and heather.
and here he is with all of his great grandchildren too...roman, macee, gianna, rylee and camryn (and maddy again).  jaxyn was born after this picture was taken, but i don't have any pictures of him with grandpa.
on our trip up to delaware for grandpa's funeral, we saw a double rainbow.  as in the song "over the rainbow", i choose to believe that a rainbow leads to a happier place, which is where grandpa is now. 
we also got to spend some really great quality time with our family.  
here is roman and camryn being goofy down at the trailer.
and gianna has discovered the deliciousness that is bbq potato chips
who me? i wasn't in the chips, i promise!
do you think he had some sugar?
mimi has a really huge table at the trailer, and everybody was able to fit around it to eat some crabs
yumm, maryland crabs.  not much better than that!
gianna has also discovered the deliciousness that is bacon.
uncle josh, aunt colleen and lilah grace came to visit us for a few hours.  what a sweet treat to see them!

roman was in timeout in the hallway for something and toby came in to the bedroom where i was and started motioning for me to go out there and look.  this is what i saw.  these two are too sweet together!
we had lots of fun on mimi's swingset and gianna doesn't want to be in the baby swing anymore, she wants to sit on the big girl swing!
mommom came up to visit too and played a little basketball with roman.
these two are too much!

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