Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pretties, Planes, Pool, & Peeka!

look at these pretty flowers in a pretty purple bucket!  my husband sent me these to brighten up my new office at work.  love that.  
 roman and toby went to the store after gianna went to bed one night.  roman picked out a tiara for gianna and couldn't wait to give it to her in the morning.  at first, she's like, what's this?  then, she's like, okay, i can deal with this.  finally, she's like "give the queen her muffins!"
on friday night, we went to go see the new movie, Planes.  look at my date for the movies!  so handsome.  he was so excited that his popcorn fit in the cubby next to his car seat.
 the next day, we went to lowe's for the kids workshop so we could build the main plane from the movie, Dusty. i had to distract the little lady so we could actually get some work done.  she's very entertained with her fishies and her bebop...
 roman was very proud of his Dusty plane.  he did a great job on it!
 in the afternoon, we went to the pool.  
 these little cuties have really enjoyed going to the pool this summer.  i think next year, they will both be swimming like fishes. 
 roman even got up the courage to do a cannonball!
 one of gianna's teachers is moving on to another job, and friday was her last day.  gianna sure is gonna miss her "miss peeka"

just this week, gianna started saying her last name.  now, she says it all the time.  always talking.  always.


Krista said...

Pretty flowers, gorgeous kids! And can I just say, I give you maybe 8 more years before Roman is taller than you? He looks HUGE!

Stacie Colella said...

8 years is generous...i don't think it will be that long!