Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Words of Wisdom

here are some things that roman has been saying lately that just make me laugh or remind me of how big he is getting. i don't want to forget these...

me: roman, i can't believe you are about to start kindergarten.  only a few more years and you will be graduating!  
roman: how many years? 
me: 13 more years. 
roman: oh man, i don't think i can do that!

roman: momma's favorite color is pink.
me: no, it isn't.
roman: purple?  i like pink and purple, even if they are girls' colors.  because i like girls. 
poppa: why do you like girls?
roman: because they are sweet and they give me sugar! (sugar is hugs and kisses)

me: what should we get poppa for his birthday?
roman: hmmm, what did we get him for his birthday last year?
me: i don't remember!
roman: that is ridiculous!

and, he's got some pretty hilarious moves too!


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