Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

i have a kindergartener!  that is ca-ray-zay!

roman picked out mostly camo and orange school supplies this year.  i know we don't still live in kent county, md but i think his redneck genes run deep!

 this series of pictures are too funny.  
roman wanted gianna in his pictures, so he bends down to her level. 
then she bends down too.  
she's holding on to the board too.
 then, she's like, "dude, i'm thirsty, but i'll hold your board".
 "are we done yet?"
 "okay, i'm done with your board, i'll just finish up my juice"
 finally, we kick gianna out of the pictures and get my main man by himself. 
 checking out the camo
 posing with momma in the parking lot
 and poppa too
 walking in to the cottage
 super happy to be in his new classroom
 no first day jitters for this guy, he's a pro
 front and center, sitting in his seat
 and the raven visited his classroom!
i guess after his first day...he just wanted to hide ... hee hee

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