Monday, August 5, 2013

mishmash: noun - a confused mess, hodgepodge, jumble

garage clean out time!  so, that means that we dug out the power wheels and the kids looped it around the house a few dozen times. 

 i thought i was clever.  i put gianna in the back of the van while i unloaded the cart and so she wouldn't wander into traffic.  well, she found an old baby toy and got a little carried away and then didn't want to get out.  
gianna, 1: momma, 0
gianna is OBSESSED with lilah.  we have a picture album with all our family pictures in it.  but she calls it her lilah book and wants to "read" it every night.  and then, by a stroke of luck, aunt colleen sent us some pictures of lilah too.  so, now they are both in gianna's room and she says goodnight to lilah every night.  
 is it just me, or has gianna's hair grown out enough to just look like joe dirt?  and how about that belly?
 aunt maddy and her boyfriend, dennis came down for a visit, so of course, we had to have a water gun and rocket fight outside.  gianna even joined in.  

 the boys cheated by using the golf cart!
 after everyone left, we turned around to go in the house and we saw the most beautiful sky above our house.  roman said it looked like a treasure box.  i agree.  then, later we got a lightening storm.  it was really cool looking.  
 the kids really enjoyed "cuddling" with aunt hettie!
the kids are loving their bouncy balls and of course, gianna has to do everything roman does.  and he loves being the teacher!

look out, flying cuteness!
i seriously didn't know that roman could do this until this week! he didn't have enough room to do it here, but he can even walk around and hula hoop...what?
 lazy sunday morning.  silliness in momma and poppa's bed.
 um, what's that i spy in the background?
 yes, this chick has a major case of elvis bedhead!  well, she's my hunka hunka burnin' love, anyway...

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