Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bad Momma

can you believe i've never taken gianna to the beach? well, believe it, because it's true!  i'm a bad momma.  we live 15 minutes away, and i have no excuse other than it's not my thing.  i hate the triple S of the beach.  sweat, sand and salt.  ugh.  not my thing. 

well, toby's friend from OH is down here on vacation and invited us to hang out at the beach on sunday afternoon, so we decided to go.  

the kids decided that a good way to prepare was to have a teddy bear sandwich. 

 oh, and i the morning we made a quick target run to get some big bouncy balls.  not beach related, just fun.  they found some fun ways to play with them and of course, monkey see, monkey do!
 i guess she likes it.  i guess i'm going to have to suck it up and go more often. 

 poppa's stuck on ocean duty.  i don't go in past my ankles.  more than one reason why. 
 i might have to get this one in black and white on canvas to match the one we have of roman and poppa like this. 
 they loved it!
 he was crab crawling in the water and out.  
 i love this picture...little sis on her first beach trip...big bro in the background.  so sweet. 

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