Sunday, July 7, 2013

Every Day We Have A Little Fun

even in the mundane every day stuff that we do, we try to have a little fun.  it's pretty hard not to have fun with these kids.  they make me laugh and smile every day!

gianna loves to lay on her belly in the bathtub now.  and the bottom right picture is what she does when i say "show me your teeth"
toby was showing roman something and gianna just laid right down next to them...too cute. 
this was at about 7:30 in the morning...they were wanting to go outside and do something, so i got out the sidewalk chalk and they went to town.  now all gianna says when we go out back is "i color, i color"

and she does this shrugging her shoulders thing that is too funny sometimes.  
then the boys got out the squirt guns and were having a fight.  she really didn't want any part of that!

roman's field trip with camp this week was to a kazoo this is all we heard for a few days.  hmmm, i wonder where that kazoo went? ;)
we went to my summer work party and roman got to help me out a little and wanted his picture taken with the elmo pinata.  this is literally the only picture i took the whole night.  boo. 
roman is in the orange group at camp and wanted his own little orange group at home, so we got orange bandanas for him and gianna.  
this look cracks me up!
these are roman's taekwondo pictures.  he looks pretty mean, huh?

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