Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tatelladina Weekend

finally!  our annual trip to Charlotte to see our friends the Tates and the Grdinas!  with no permission (or discussion) with anyone else, i've decided to call it the Tatelladina weekend.  I mean, that would be the most appropriate way to combine all of our last names, right?

 we usually go in may and the boys hit up the nascar race, but that weekend didn't work out, so we had to postpone until june.   no worries, it was worth the wait!  we've been doing this for a couple of years now and it just gets better each time, i think.  now that the kids are getting older, it is getting easier.  and...bonus...the girls got a chance to sneak away from the chaos for a couple of hours this time around!

we actually took a half day and picked up the kids from daycare and headed out of town around 3.  this was gianna's first time using the headphones for a movie in the car.  she seems so confused.  she wasn't moving in this pic, even though her hands look like it.  they were frozen like that!
after we got there and got settled, we put all the kids to bed and the girls headed out to have a drink and a snack and a little girl chatting.  well, to be honest, i probably did most of the chatting.  sorry ladies!
the next morning, the boys ran out and picked up dunkin donuts and the kids chowed down!
then, we headed out on their boat and it was gianna's nap time.  she started to fade when i put her in the tube.
roman pushed her around for a little bit.
but, when i put her hat on her, she woke up!  that stinker!
jay is growing his hair out now and we made fun of him all weekend.  his wife even calls him "pretty".  he's a good sport, though.  lookin' good, jay!
the boys had some fun on the beach
hunter was passed out in the captain's chair
and i laid gianna down too, but it didn't really work!
ashleigh is ready to attack!
and roman is about to fire back

then it was time for lunch!  jay grilled hot dogs and stacey made brownies and brought fruit and chips for lunch.  it was super yummy!
the girls were shoving it in!  the sun really makes you hungry!
gianna is saying "gimme more brownie, lady!"
my fam had a great time in the water
that night we went to dinner at tacomac.  we had a picture like this last year too, so i guess this is a tradition now
johns birthday was this week, so the tates got him an ice cream cake. happy birthday to you, john.  happy cake to the rest of us!
the kids played great on the swingset.  they were pretending it was a pirate ship and they were collecting crystals (aka pinecones)
this was my favorite view of the day!
gianna had a good time on the swings!
and finally, our annual kiddo picture.  it's so fun to see how much they've grown over the years.  

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