Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Times, Great Friends

this weekend was our 3rd annual trip to charlotte, nc to hang out with our ohio friends and for the boys to head to the nascar all star race. it seems like we always end up doing the same thing...which is alright with me. saturday: dunkin donuts...boat ride...qdoba for lunch...boys head to race....girls stay home with the kiddos and order a late dinner in. sunday: ihop breakfast...on the road back home! it seems quick, but we fit a lot in...and boy do we have a good time!

autumn and arianne on the boat

we're not positive, but we think she was asleep and still holding her sunglassesthere are some seriously awesome houses on lake norman, including this one that has it's own heli-pad and helicopter john and jj jj was channeling donald trump with this hairdo stacey and ashleigh that's my handsome little devil

jj wasn't too sure about the water...
miss stacey had these awesome squirters for the boys to play with jay and roman were on the attack jj decided he wanted to hang out in the boat the kids enjoying their lunch

jay decided it would be fun to chase a goose it wouldn't be race weekend without a race themed ice cream cake. it says bump draft, which jay thought sounded dirty, and he couldn't get them to fit "that's what she said" on it, so they abbreviated it ...

my little cowpoke

roman, jj, ashleigh and arianne

stacie, autumn and stacey (to quote stacey: "sagamore shout-out") we had a great time and i'm sure year #4 will be even more fun!

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Krista said...

Wow! Did Roman have a growth spurt?!? He looks so big! Can't wait to see ya'll this weekend!