Monday, May 21, 2012

Forever Friends

this weekend was our annual trip to charlotte to see our friends, the tates and the grdinas.  you can read about our first trip here and last year's trip here.  we always look forward to it and this year was no different, other than the fact that there were two more kids this year!  of course, we added gianna, but our friends, stacey and jay added hunter charles just 10 weeks ago.  he is such a sweetie, so good, he barely made a peep the whole time.

roman was super excited to go see all the kids.  we just got out of bed and hopped in the car.  didn't even change out of his pajamas!
the girls were anxious to see when we would get there, but unfortunately, i was driving, so toby intercepted the text...
as soon as we got there, we were starving, so we headed out to lunch at taco mac.  yum.
then it was play time for the kiddos

the girls, arianne and ashleigh are so cute together.  they are so girly, walking around in heels all weekend, wearing jewelry and princess crowns. is this what i'm in for in the next few years?
jj is such a little techie.  he was always stealing people's phones and his mom's tablet.  too funny!
picnic dinner on the floor, watching curious george
gianna was happy to just hang out in her baby gym
how hilarious is this.  hunter, 10 weeks.  gianna, 6 months.  same binky, same pose, passed out.
arianne is such a sweetie.  she came up to me and said, "miss stacie, your baby is so kind"  ha ha
colellas hanging out
tate boys chillin'
the ladies.  we decided that next year is our year to go out.  the boys have been going to the race and leaving the kids with us for too long!
i had to put this one in too.  look at the little creeper next to me...hee hee, and there's another creeper in the one above, next to autumn.  love those kids!
our annual picture of the kids.  
roman (4), ashleigh (3), arianne (3), jj (2), gianna (6 mos), hunter (10 weeks)
girlfriend was soooo tired, we weren't even out of the neighborhood and she was out!
we are so grateful to have made these friends when we lived in ohio and to have the opportunity to keep in touch with them and see them every year.  

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