Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chase and Gage's Birthday Party

the highlight of our saturday was chase and gage's birthday party!  roman had been looking forward to it all week.  he knew there would be a bounce house, which is always exciting, but most of all, he just wanted to play cars with chase!  those boys and their nascar(shakes head)...

birthday boy gage in his cadillac exersaucer
gianna in her little civic exersaucer
ro and rylee headed down the slide
and here come chase and ro

one right after the other
here comes finley
and here's ry and ro again
meanwhile, the babies had to hang out over on the patio
it looks like they were really interested in each other's toys
gage could reach over and grab gianna's toy
what guys?  we were just playin', i promise
time for cake!
silly birthday boy!  funny says to ro (in his deepest little voice):  "hey ro, i need you." ro looks over at him..."you like my beard?"  oh lordy, it was so stinkin' funny.  those boys are a mess!
pretty girls...gianna and jj
mikey and the newest colella, mikah
gage was having fun in baby jail!
mikah was trying to catch some zzz's
the boys...
roman played a little golf

first outtake...had to include this one.  look at mikey's face and brian eating a cheeto in the background.  too funny!
a little bit better
sleepy girl
time to open presents!
alright...a cool truck!

girlfriend got all cozy snuggling up with mikey...she was drooling. :)

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