Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

i had such a wonderful mother's day!  toby tried to let me sleep in, but my kids just wanted to hang out with me, which i love, so i only got about an extra hour of sleep.  which is totally fine with me.  my boys came back up to wake me up so that i could enjoy a homemade breakfast of pancakes and bacon.  then, the hubz had scheduled a mani/pedi for me so off i went...

i made sure to park the truck far away and backed it in.  good enough?
getting my toes decked out in "cajun shrimp"
cards from my boys...and a "flower" that roman made for me at school (awwww)
after naptime i got to do what i love best...hanging out with my kiddos

gianna loves to sit up now and she actually likes to watch tv too
this is her fresh from nap dazed and confused face
oh hey there pretty girl!
roman did not want to take a picture with me, so this is what happened...see him trying not to smile?
okay, momma's too goofy not to get a smile out of him
and finally, roman's favorite color is green (these days), so i got some bath fizzies that turn the bathwater different colors and we dropped in a blue one and a yellow one.  what do yellow and blue make?  a happy bath, that's what!
this is what being a mom is all about and i love every minute of it!

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