Sunday, May 27, 2012


we've been waiting notsopatiently for little Lilah Grace Miller for a while now.  she finally made her grand entrance early saturday morning.  happy birth day little sweetie pie!  these are a few pics that my brother, josh and his wife, colleen have sent me.

this is my mom with her 4th grandchild.  her first grandchild turns 18 this summer, so they certainly are spread out, huh?
this pic really shows her cute little chipmunk cheeks.  that part she gets from her father.
here she is in her milk coma.  sweet little Lilah Grace, we love you so much!  we will meet you soon.  

and this was the prayer that roman prayed a few days before Lilah arrived.
translation: dear God, thank you for Lilah Grace to come out of Aunt Colleen's belly, and help us be healthy for her, and help us have safe travels, amen

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