Monday, June 10, 2013

Summertime Fun

nothing screams summertime like a slip n slide in the backyard, right?  well, even though we have a community pool, sometimes it is just easier to keep things simple with a baby pool with about 2 inches of water in it.  they are waaaaayyyy easier to contain and sometimes, i think have more fun with this kind of stuff.  

roman really has never been on a slip n slide before, so it took a bit of practice to get him going.  but in the meantime, gianna was happy to play in his "pool".
roman liked to play in her pool too. 
he is such a great big brother, he loves to show her how to do things and play with her.  it really does melt my heart. 
this is about as good as it got on his first try.  more like a slip n crawl, huh?  we'll keep working on it all summer, mkay?
and then, it was time to dry off.  this is her typical face.  kind of disgusted at life in general.  we've come to embrace it and she certainly doesn't lack for personality.
a little better now. 
don't worry, he wasn't upset, i just asked him to make a face at me...
...and then another!

i'm sure you'll see more backyard hillbilly pool action this summer. stay tuned!

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