Monday, July 8, 2013

A Special Visit for the Fourth!!

we had a special visitor this holiday weekend!  MOMMOM came to see us!  she arrived around dinnertime and so we were outside playing around a little bit while poppa grilled our dinner.  roman loved the sparklers and the pop-its that poppa brought home. 
this is the best picture of gianna that i could get. 
roman was dropping the pop-its from up high to get them to pop really loud.
he also got this really cool rocket shooter thing and hasn't stopped playing with it all weekend!  we even had to glue it together after part of it broke, but now its as good as new!
after gianna was in bed, we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.  this was mommom's first ever s'more!  can you believe that?  who needs fireworks when you've got mommom and some s'mores?
on friday night at taekwondo, roman was high rank...meaning that he was the highest rank in his class and got to lead everyone in the motto and bowing in.  he did great, mr. moore had to remind him to slow down, though.  i think he was a little excited and his motto was in fast forward! 
poppa also got some bigger fireworks for us to enjoy at home.  we didn't go anywhere this year to watch them, so this was a nice little treat.  and honestly, i liked it better because there wasn't any sitting in the car, fighting the crowds, keeping gianna up too late.  it was so relaxed and roman LOVED it!

mommom took this video with her new iPhone.  listen until the end and you will hear our neighbor yell at the very end!  too funny!
the three musketeers!
this was gianna's first gogurt.  she got a little help from mommom with squeezing it.  i'd say she really enjoyed it, what do you think?
she is obsessed with eating snacks out of a cup (or a puck, as she calls it).  here, she had her fishies in a puck and she was a happy girl!
those s'mores were so yummy the first time, that we made them again.  only, we did it in the microwave this time.  mommom and roman got a little bit messy!
gianna loves to do everything that roman does, and he loves it too!
mommom, roman and i went to the movies to see monsters university and mommom was sharing her popcorn.
mommom had to leave on sunday and we were sad to see her go, but we were so glad she got to come down for a visit.  we spent the rest of the day resting and doing laundry (7 loads!!!) and just hanging out.  gianna pulled her chair out, got roman's crocs on and was just chilling watching mickey mouse!

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