Monday, July 15, 2013

The In Between

you know, that time in between big events.  like, our visit with mommom is over.  the next big thing might be school starting back up (ack!).  seriously though, i have already bought his school supplies.  i hate crowds, so i was all about getting them early!

lately, gianna has wanted to use a "poon" for everything. even when it would be easier to use her fingers.  so, peas on a "poon" it is!
and of course, brother is right in there.  this night, he had made the discovery of rubber band shooting.  
 yeah, we still had sparklers left.  so we lit them up.  a week later!
 guido is getting to be a little bit of a cuddler.  it's really nice.  he's not 100% chill yet, but much more calm than before. 
 i call this (and many other scenarios in our house) monkey see, monkey do.  gianna always wants to do what ro is doing.  she says "my turn" and just repeats what he is doing.  this particular time, it happened to be stretching
 maybe there was a little too much monkey seeing, monkey doing.  she was so tired.  this was her attempt to go upstairs for a nap.  the stairs ended up being comfy, so she just rested a little bit right there. 
 meanwhile, roman hopped in her crib.  silly monkey!
 since about 5 minutes after we put our dining room valances up, i've hated them.  they were the same color as the wall.  i saw this fabric at walmart and snatched up what they had left.  it was just enough to cover up the plain tan part at the top and i kept the brown band at the bottom.  much better.  not HGTV worthy or anything, but way better.  
 last weekend when mom was down, we gave her an iPhone. this is the reason why.  so she can video chat with the kids.  as you can see, they were goofy as usual and she enjoyed it too!
 i call this dynamic duo Captain Underpants and his trusty sidekick, Diaper Diva!
 i've had these shelves for the better part of a year now. josh made them for gianna and brought them down last year and i knew that i wanted them up, but i didn't know where.  then we decided to have dad build the storage unit and i wanted to wait until after that.  we finally decided this weekend and toby hung them up.  i totally, completely, absolutely adore them.  they are rustic and cool and functional and they say Colella Shipping Co. on them.  josh is so super talented and creative.  gianna is a lucky girl to have him for an uncle and godfather.  thank you uncle godpappy!!!!

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