Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Whirlwind Trip

you know how it seems like you don't have anything planned and then BLAM, all of a sudden, you are slammed with things to do and places to go? well, enter july. we've been having tons of fun with visits from family and a quick trip up north, a work party and i'm looking forward to a visit from a friend i haven't seen in a long time later this week.

here's some pics from our trip home. the whole reason we went was for my nephew CJ's surprise 16th birthday party. i really can't believe he is 16! my brother and sister-in-law organized the party and my grandmother hosted it at her farm. it rained (well, it poured), but that didn't matter, we still had fun!

we stayed the first night at josh & colleen's new house in PA and, oh boy, is it nice. super comfortable and there is always a breeze outside. wish could have spent more time there. uncle josh took ro on a tractor ride in the morning (notice the woody pajamas!)

how cool are they?

then, after a 3 hour trip thanks to MD beach traffic...we were at nana's. time to set up for the party and cool off in the pool!
i think he might have been having a little fun.
aunt colleen joined in too!
ooooh, pass me the ball...
this was the card for CJ from all those that pitched in for his truck...notice the face...we cut out a pic of him from when he was little. i think it fits quite well...hee hee
colleen and krista trying to keep cool while we were waiting for CJ to arrive
this is how roman was waiting for CJ to arrive
sorry nana, there might have been a little drool on the couch!
finally! the birthday boy arrives!
biting his nails...he was embarrassed, i think.
he took roman for a golf cart ride down to the pond
and here he is when he got back...he had just spotted his new ride!
checking out the truck
paparazzi shots. those are his older brothers in the background
coming back from his first ride with uncle josh

oh yeah, he's cool
finally, he realizes what is on the card...
nana is so crafty
mommom got ro a buzz lightyear bubble gun
nice hat
letting lexi catch the bubbles
proud to be awesome
more presents
roman watching the boys play ping pong
uncle dale's got skills
the original ping pong king, uncle gene
toby's showing some table tennis moves
stick 'em up...

well, that went too quick...i'm ready for another visit. can we make it longer next time?

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