Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Finishing Touches

so, tonight was the first night that roman has ever spent the night away from me. his mimi wanted him to spend the night over at aunt hettie's while she is in town, so i had a little time to kill tonight. and, since he wasn't in his room, we could finally get around to hang up some of the finishing touches. check them out!

we had this photo key hanger thing. the middle section was a mirror, but i spray painted it with chalkboard paint. bring on the goofy messages from mom! photos to be updated later and i'm going to make him something for his birthday that will hang from this. stay tuned for that in september.

you know his father had to show some philly pride in here!
a shot of the corner with the blackboard hangy thing.

thanks to toby's careful letter hanging in the nursery, we were able to quickly hang these again in here with little trouble...

view from the closet corneri think this would look a lot better with the bed under the letters, but that really isn't an option yet at his age. plus this leaves more room for him to play.

i still have one more project in the works. i'll be sure to post that when i'm done! thanks for bearing with me while i show off his new room.

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