Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Couldn't Wait...

okay, so it's not totally complete, but i couldn't wait to show it off! (remember that patience thing that i don't have) we totally busted our you know whats this weekend to get this paint job done! started friday night and just finished in time to put him to bed in his new room sunday night. the good news...this was the last room in the house we have to paint! what what?!?

step 1: paint the room green. check!

step 2: paint the white stripe. check! step 3: paint the blue borders on the white stripe. check! step 3 1/2: knock over a container of white paint all over the newly painted wall and all over the carpet. check! oh wait...that wasn't on the list, but we inserted it anyway. the good was on the carpet that was going to be under the bed anyway. sweet.

step 4: fill the room with all the fanfreakingtastic stuff that i've been buying for a month now to make his big boy room my favorite room in the house. check!

i love this!
i found this picture online and then copied it and painted it on a canvas. i'm not a talented artist like my mom and brother, but i sure can copy! this was easy because i didn't have to paint the face, hands or feet. i think it turned out pretty good if i do say so myself.
the corner where the bean bag chair will be his reading corner. i still have plans to add some shelving.
we also need to add his name and some other things to the wall, but i couldn't wait for those things to get done to show you! but, you can be assured that i will re-post when we get those up!

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Anonymous said...

Adorable room. Fantastic job with the picture too Stacie!

xoxo Krista