Monday, July 5, 2010

His First Fireworks

believe it or not, this was the first year we have taken roman to see the fireworks on the fourth of july. last year, we made an attempt, but plans fell through and we ended up watching them on tv at home. losers, i know. well, this year, we were going no matter what. we headed to the island around 8 (normal bedtime) and of course, he fell asleep right away. we woke him up when we got there and he was so great. he was really patient during the hour wait for the fireworks. we found a few ways to pass the time...sword fighting...light stick fights and crab watching. it was a great time. he loved it...

checking out the other partygoers on the next dock overstill a little sleepypardon the interuption, but, who needs a pedicure?
mmm, i'd like to eat you mr. crab!
nice view
kinda blurry, but we saw a sting ray too.
light stick fight
momma, when are the fireworks?
he got the white light stick and momma got the red one
waiting ever so patiently
oooh, they are about to start!
lame picture of the fireworks, but it's the best one we got
oh man, this was so much fun
i love it when you get to see his face light up with joy. seeing something new and being so excited to talk about it the whole way home. i think we might have a tradition...

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