Sunday, July 11, 2010

New To Us

okay, so i got a wild hair up my you know what on friday and decided i wanted a new car. how lucky am i that my husband went along with my crazy whim? oh, yeah, and so lucky that we are blessed enough to be able to afford this. here's my short story of cars i've owned...if you care...which obviously doesn't matter because i'm telling you anyway cuz it's my blog! hee hee

19 years old - mom buys me a 4 door white chevy spectrum

21ish years old - i buy a 4 door white honda civic

28 years old - we buy a 4 door red honda accord

33 years old - we buy a 4 door white honda accord

i'm really stepping out of the box here, huh? well, i guess variety isn't the spice of life for me! either way, i love my new to me car, but don't get to pick it up until tomorrow i do get another day to say goodbye to my car that has taken me many places for 5 happy years!

isn't she pretty?

another new to us item we got this weekend was from roman's cousins macee and rylee. they had outgrown their little red kitchen and it matches so well in our red playroom!

they also gave him all the little fake food and pots and pans that go with it

i know we are going to find fake food all over the house for years to come...i've already found 2 hotdogs behind the trashcan tonight...ha ha

these are new too. he already broke the ones that aunt hettie gave him, so we needed to replace them. oh goodness, do they magnify his gorgeous lashes or what? and bring out the blue in his eyes...oh man, i love this kid!

okay, gotta go now, just remembered that i have ice cream in my freezer!

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And diggin the new car!

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