Sunday, July 18, 2010

Party Time!

this weekend was a busy one. we were planning on painting ro's new big boy room, roman was invited to his friend's birthday party, we were having toby's fam over sat night and so, needless to say, i am totally beat right now. but, i feel so satisfied that we accomplished so much in one weekend. yay!
ro's friend bryson has the best backyard. full of fun stuff to do and completely covered by trees. his mom was smart enough to have the party in the morning. coolest part of the day, get it done and over with so that the rest of the day is free to do other things. no missing naptime. yay for bryson's mom. she rocks.
roman spent the first half hour chilling at the top of the slide. he loved it up there. it was like a little tree house.

finally, he slid on down! bryson came up to hang out with him for a while...

i love this look. i know he looks sad, but i think he is the cutest when he is just staring into space like this.

hey there!

he drove the police car around for awhile

this cracks me up. someone else got in the police car and he wasn't mad, but he was seriously checking out the situation. hands on the hips. he's serious folks. here's the birthday boy, bryson. isn't he super cute?he had fun crawling back and forth in this tunnel here are two of his best buds at daycare squeezed into the cop car.the girls. roman LOVES when they come over to play

rylee imitating erkel. it's pretty scary how much she sounds and looks like him when she does it.

he entertained himself while i set up his tent today peekaboo! seriously? what is wrong with this child? after we put on these shoes, (no pants necessary for this outfit), he kept walking back and forth from toby to me saying "what think?, what think?" well, little man, i think you are super goofy and amazingly cute! that's what i think!

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