Sunday, August 1, 2010

Like, Totally Rad

my work summer party was this weekend. it was an 80's theme. we challenged everyone to dress in their best 80's attire. i did NOT expect the turnout. i needed to share...

the scene...lots of neon

patty was pregnant in the 80's...very creative jose must have had a 'fro in the 80's katie rockin' a super rad outfit

ro shared his t-ball set with leo. linda and her daughter lauren leticia made these fabulous cakes!

bob pulled out all the stops on this outfit
this cool cat camped out at the bar all night wife of cool cat was looking pretty cute. love the blue eye shadow um, seriously? yes, he did.
allison rockin' the side pony...

miss jackie was looking fine as madonna
that really is karen's real hair...
another madonna...this one had cone boobs!
how cute is kelly and her legwarmers?

kelia, jackie and elvira
elvira, allison, me and jackie (see, i dressed up too!)
relaxing after some aerobic dancing
this was the mellow table
michele getting some jim n nicks bbq
the outside crew
everybody showed their best moves on the dancefloor
jeff entertained us with a little dance
more dancing

hey there mr. man...
this was so cute
and finally, jeff and adam treated us to their vocal stylings of "i've got friends in low places"
it was a totally awesome night.

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