Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spinning Art Caddy

hi, my name is stacie and i'm a blog-hop-aholic. i find interesting people's blogs and then stalk them everyday to see what interesting things they say and do. i look at a lot of crafty blogs and then from those blogs, find other's kinda crazy, but fun. i really don't know how i happened upon this particular blog, but i have to give credit where credit is due. this was not my idea. it was the idea of the person i blog-stalked. you can check it out here...

you can check mine out here...

oh, and p.s. this is for roman's birthday. he currently does not read my blog and so he doesn't know. let's keep it that way!

i got a lazy susan and the large tray at a thrift shop, the tin cups and orange bucket at michaels. i painted the lazy susan before i got the cups and bucket and they totally clashed. the cups were what looked like grass and the bucket is obviously orange. i actually ended up loving the orange and red together, it's my new favorite color combo. i painted the tin cups with chalkboard paint so i could label them differently when we change out the art supplies. i filled it with some things we already had. he has quite the art supply collection already and i'm sure it will only grow.

i love that it spins around so his little arms can reach everything he needs without standing up in his chair or on the table. i hope he thinks it's fun to use. cool, huh? i love the internet and all those crafty bloggers!shhh, don't tell ro!

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