Monday, September 9, 2013

Celebrating Six!!!

for six years, we have been blessed to call this amazing little boy our son.  
from the moment he was conceived, i have felt a love like no other.  anyone who knows him, knows how special he is.  he truly has a kind heart, he is smart and funny and pretty darn cute if i do say so myself.  i hope he stays a momma's boy forever.  a momma can dream, right?
he started celebrating early...mommom sent him a couple packages and he was pumped to get into them!
 she sent a couple of "projects" for him to do.  and the card had a paper airplane too!
 we celebrated poppa's birthday with a candle in his scrambled eggs.  fancy, huh?
 roman woke up super early on his birthday... 6:30am.  and we were all done opening presents before 7am.  oh dear!
 we even started playing with the beyblades right in his bedroom doorway.  
 gianna was doing a quality assurance test on the cupcakes.  
 um, super cute, huh?
 roman had a blast putting together the goodie bags for his friends.  each one had a couple fun things in them, including a bracelet for each person with colors picked out specifically for that person by roman.  
 gianna was helping me set up outside. 
 the fire truck arrived and the kids got to playing right away.
 oh no!  her water balloon broke.  she had never had one before and had no idea it wouldn't bounce.  i guess you live and learn...
 the sno cone machine was a hit!
 roman and his buddies, logan and anthony
 ...oh, and carson too!
 isn't mady pretty?  such a cutie pie.  so glad that she and roman are friends. 
 rylee and gianna picked purple sno cones
 roman wanted another soccer cake this year.  easy enough, done!

roman cracks me up when he is the complete center of attention.  it's like he likes it, but doesn't know what to do.  he looks like he is on the verge of tears, but he is happy, i promise!
 we finally finished up our celebrations today at roman's classroom.  we brought cookies for him to share with all his kindergarten friends.  and here again, the awkward singing...
and he picked pink cookies.  and he asked for a pink crown.  and it was favorite t-shirt day.  pretty much the best school day ever.  love it.  and love this little six year old.   more than any words i could say here.  
 we had two cookies left the birthday boy and i finished them off tonight...yum!

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