Monday, February 16, 2015

Cousin Day

a couple of weeks ago, we had the colella boys over for a cousin day. poppa, aj and holly were taking a class that ran all day long, so the kids and i had quite the adventure. first, we played at home for a bit until the sun started to warm it up outside. it was still a pretty chilly day, as evidenced by the hats and coats.

we went to the park for about 2 hours so the kids could run off some energy and get some fresh air!

snack time!

look who's monkeying around!

i tried to get gianna to get in this picture, but she wasn't having it, so the boys gave me their best smiles and then ran off to play hide and seek.

little momma wanted to swiiiiiiiinnnngggg!

later in the day, when i went to find the boys, this is what i found...

instead of breadcrumbs, they left me a trail of cars



later, after they had lunch and rested, we headed back outside to have some fun. gage doesn't mind riding a girly bike.

and these two are ballers, through and through. they played bball until the other adults finally came home!

now, this is a little more accurate, right?


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