Sunday, December 6, 2009

We Are In The Spirit

we are definitely in the spirit around here. shopping is close to done, the halls have been decked and each night when we drive home, it seems that more and more homes have "yights" up. we love seeing all the decorations as we drive home in the dark. specifically on our way home, we see santa, mickey mouse, several "cho-men", a few trees and lots of "yights". so, we had some fun this weekend picking out our tree and decorating it as well as decorating a gingerbread house with lots of candy.

the antlers...oh the antlers. note the sticker of a reindeer on his pajamas.

eww, he does not like the icing on his fingers. he's a clean dude. we had the papertowels right there the whole time. oh, this is gonna be fun! see this gumball. momma didn't realize it was a gumball until i found him still chewing it a few minutes later. that was our first experience with gum. it didn't last long. musta swallowed it pretty quick. ha ha can you tell he likes yellow? very precise it's starting to come together now he's really got the hang of it now now on to the tree...poor guy could not get the hang of those hooks. he was persistant though. he kept trying. putting a hook on the red one now he really liked the boat ornament and kept rearranging it. his antler belt what would any fun day be without a tantrum thrown in here and there? the final product! isn't she a beaut? we certainly love her!

we hope you guys are enjoying your holidays as much as we are!

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