Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cozy Christmas Tour

my love of all things christmas probably comes from my mother. okay fine, it definitely comes from my mother. i always enjoyed our home being decorated for the holidays, it made it feel so warm and cozy. so, with thanksgiving behind us and christmas approaching at the speed of twinkling light, i headed out to the garage to get down my christmas decorations on friday night. most of saturday was spent in a sea of decorations strewn all about the house as i decided what should go where. i don't have nearly as much as mom, but i'm accumulating my fair share. i thought i would give you a few highlights. please, come on in...

the front door wreath. it's a shame it is kinda hard to see against the black door. it's really pretty, i think. i also have a nice doormat and an antique sled with a pretty bow on it, but the picture didn't turn out so great. maybe next time.

this is a wreath that my mom helped me put together quite a long time ago when i had my first house. i've had to replace the berries, but it has held up pretty well. also, now that i see it in the picture, it looks wonky. i might need to go make some adjustments... i still love it!
this is a new addition this year. i had this little tree in roman's room the last two years, but since he doesn't like any light in his room, it seems a waste to put it in there. do you like the little baby tree skirt i made for it? i think it needs something on the top...maybe a bow or something. i'll see what i can come up with. lovely cord hanging off to the side too, huh? on to the kitchen...of course, my snowman collection goes up above the cabinets. you can't see them, but there are lights up there too. they look really cool at night. i didn't have a garland long enough for up there, but i might buy one at the end of the season if i can get it cheap.
a closeup of some of the snowbabies my santas behind the sink with a lighted garland
a new addition this year, a card holder that i embellished with some snowflakes. unfortunately, the only place it fit well was over the trashcan. so, we can all admire the christmas cards while we smell whatever might be emanating from below... another new addition. i found this glass container at tjmaxx for cheap and didn't know what I would do with it for sure, but i kinda like this...some berry garland that looks like it is swirling around and a glittery star hanging from the top.

this looks like such a boring little area when i see it in the picture. i might need to liven it up with something...but do you see my snowflakes on the curtains?

not really new, but i added the snowflakes to the curtain, i like them better on the red than on the brown ones, i think. oh, and a cute new picture of a tree...
the mantle might be my favorite. so traditional. roman really likes looking at the stockings too. he can say snowman and santa and reindeer, so we have fun pointing all of those out, but i have to get him to stop pulling on them...

well, that's it for the tour. i forgot to take a picture of the bathroom upstairs, it's actually really cute with a snowman shower curtain and a reindeer nightlight, but maybe i'll take a picture later and post it when i have tree pictures to show off. we plan on getting that next weekend! hope you guys liked my cozy christmas home tour.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the decorations! Thank you so much for sharing them on here so those of us stuck in MD for the holidays can enjoy!

Love You! Krista