Monday, January 16, 2012


so, it's been back to work, back to the daily grind around here. i must admit, we (mostly toby) have been really just trying to dig out from the toy storm that was Christmas 2011. so, here's a few random shots from our life for the past few weeks.

here's our beauty queen, sleeping in her crib. and no, she doesn't sleep there at night yet. still in the bassinet right by me at night. i can't stand to be too far away from her yet. this was just a quick nap.

this was roman, the red-nosed reindeer, waiting by the window for poppa to come home whoa momma! what's with the flash in my face?
her first day of daycare! stylin', of course! and a quick laugh just to let momma know that everything's gonna be alright. i can't say that i didn't shed some tears. i mean, i'm human, right? ...and a woman, no less. cut me some slack. ok. i wish i had a "before" shot. once we got home and realized how many toys needed to fit in this room and not permanently live on the floor, we knew we needed some more storage. so, luckily the store where we got the office furniture still sold the same bookcase as the one we already had, so we got another one. then the playroom looked like a tornado ripped through it for a few days while the shelving was being assembled, attached to the wall, and re-loaded. now, i am happy to say that i can finally see the carpet again! halleluiah! ...and thank you toby! girlfriend was all tuckered out after daycare today. it doesn't help that she is sick. she's got her "welcome to daycare and all the germs that comes with it" cold. see her red eyes? poor thing has watery eyes, a little cough, and a stuffy nose. toby took her to the doctor and there really isn't much we can do except saline and suction. we were already doing that, so hopefully we are ahead of the game and she'll get better soon. yes, he got a haircut. yes, i think it is too short. yes, he had chocolate ice cream after dinner. yes, i made him shower right after i took this picture. yes, she looks exhausted. yes, i put her to bed right after i took this picture. yes, i have the cutest, most well-behaved kids. yes, i am blessed.

because i know you were asking those questions. right? humor me.

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