Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Boys Weekend

last weekend, roman cashed in his birthday present. a flight up north to stay with mimi and go to a nascar race with poppa.

since he didn't remember his first and second flights (when he was around 1 year old), he felt that gianna had gotten to fly, but he hadn't. so, it was like a first time adventure with just the boys...

this picture makes my heart skip a beat. look at how beautiful he is. those eyes...that nose...i love him to the moon and back!

the boys had a great flight up!

look at that view! that's when you know you're home...when you see the bay bridge!

he knew i was gonna miss him, so he made sure to facetime me right when he got there. this was in the rental car on the way to mimi's. it was dark out already!

and they arrived just in time to hit the hay. this was roman's first time sleeping in the top bunk. what a big kid!

on sunday, they were up early to head to dover for the race. time to cheer for cousin carl!

that scary monster at monster mile!

do you think he was happy?

gotta protect those delicate ears!

look, they're turning left!

he was plum tuckered out!

meanwhile, back in sc, the girls got to hang out and do girly things together!

like getting our toes painted at a salon...

...and fingernails too. she kept saying "momma, this is fun!"

and mimi sent this nightgown back with the boys and i think she wore it for 4 nights in a row. it's a hit!

we sure were glad that the boys had a good time, but we were happy to have them home.


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