Thursday, October 16, 2014


our front entrance is fall-i-fied!

and if anyone could tell me where my baby boy is, that'd be great. somehow this grown boy lives with us now and while i love him very much and don't want him to leave, i'm missing my baby!

the halloween inflatables went up!

and, toby has been waiting a long time for this to happen again...finally...yard of the month again!

they got a front row seat to see all of the all the decorations!

and roman got a bird's eye view!

i said, "give the tree a hug, he's nice", but this is as close as she got. i guess she doesn't trust me. wonder why not?

casper seems a little bit friendlier, so he got some lovin'.

now we are all ready for the chilly weather and the little goblins that come around begging for candy!


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