Monday, October 27, 2014

Holiday Farms 2014

on friday afternoon, we headed up to holiday farms to pick out our pumpkins and let the kids enjoy all the activities that holiday farms has to offer.

all the colella kiddos

they had fun in the pumpkin maze. however, i see that mikah is a little smarter than the rest and found that stepping over the pumpkins was the quickest way to get to the center.

and no, you can't move the pumpkins to make your path easier! i see a pattern of cheating colellas here!

does anybody else think gianna looks about 14 years old here? i'm dying!

sorry if most of these are of gianna, but roman was running with all the boys and i couldn't keep up!!!


you can actually see the boys in the background of this one...they were playing football!

time for the pig race!

we may be blurry, but we are ALL in the picture, and i love it!

searching for the perfect one....

sassy lady, hands on her hips...i can hear her voice in her head now..."hmmm, lemme fink..."

this one is perfect!

my perfect punkins (the kids ain't half bad either)

can you tell someone was getting an attitude? who could it be?

we had a good time with all the cousins, can't wait for next year!


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