Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's The Little Things

who would think that such a little piece of plastic filled with soap would bring so much joy? to him and to me. after roman's 4 hour nap...yes, i said 4 hours...we went outside for a little bit to play with one of the toys mommom sent down for easter. a bubble whistle. he had so much fun and so did i. it was so cute to see...his turn, then mine. i would fill it up and then he would dump it out...accidentally, of course. but his little hands were soaked in soap and he figured out that he had to hold them just so, so that the bubbles would come out...

trying real hard

ooooh, here come the bubbles!

it doesn't get much better than a sunny afternoon on the porch, blowing bubbles.


finally got it to load!

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