Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome To Our Home

this weekend was spent outdoors. saturday at the beach, sunday in the yard. we are having a little get together on friday night, so it was the perfect time to spruce things up a little. we pressure washed the patio and front porch, all the patio and porch furniture and got a few pretty hanging plants. at the end of the day, i realized my easter wreath was still hanging. that's gots to go! a quick trip to michael's later... my crafting bone kicked in. i found this skimpy berry wreath, but it needed a little more substance. so i wrapped a wreath form with some yarn i already had to give it a little depth, plus it's soft against the door, so no scratching. then i "suspended" the C in the middle with some craft wire. you can totally see it, but i don't care. from far away, it's barely noticeable. i love it! just the thing our home needed to welcome you in!

can you see the wire?

see, barely noticeable from afar

p.s. i know i need a better/prettier wreath hanger, but it is extendable and most others aren't so things hang way too high for my taste! so there...

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