Monday, August 27, 2012

A Week in the Life...

i found these knee socks at target a while back and have been meaning to make some "baby leg warmers" for gianna for a while. since she is scooting all around on her knees now, her little knees are all red. i figured this would help protect them, even if it's just a little bit. plus, they are super cute, no?
roman has been needing some new pajamas for a while now.  as soon as he put these batman pjs on, he turned into this super serious super hero...
roman was "caught" being good at school, so sister canice allowed him to pick out a prize from her prize closet.  he chose this cross necklace.  he loves it so much!
big girl is getting a bath in the big tub.  she just loves being in the water!

guido was sleeping all cute on poppa right before i took this.  he woke up just in time!  look at that sleepy face!
we finally pulled out the big booster for her.  do you think she likes it?
i love this picture because her little hairs are sticking out on each side of her head.  she kind of looks like a little ewok...hee hee

roman got this school bus scooty thing for his first birthday.  we've saved it for gianna and i think she likes it.  maybe not with big bro on the back. i think it was squeezing her a little too hard that way!
again in the chair...loves it. 
how funny is this shirt?  i thought it looked like guido!
roman is really ready to start soccer.  his first practice was cancelled on thursday because it was raining, so we've been taking him up to the field in our neighborhood to practice.  saturday night was perfect for it.  not too hot, not cold either.  we played around for a bit and even found a feather.  i think he was more excited about that than playing soccer.  isn't he handsome?
i can't get the videos to embed right today, so here's a few links for you...


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