Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Funny Boy

ro has really been cracking me up lately, here's a few things that i can remember him saying.
  • me: ro, who did you play with today? ro: the boy with freckles on his face, but i don't know his name.
  • {roman taking a shower} toby: ro, did you wash yourself?  ro: wash what?  toby: your body.  ro: you mean this and this? (points to front and back)
  • {driving home from school the other day} ro: is today tuesday?  me: no, tomorrow is tuesday.  ro: is that when i'm gonna play soccer? me: yes, if it doesn't rain. if it rains, mr. brandon will let us know if practice is cancelled.  ro: mr. brandon? like at amazing creations? me: no, this is a different mr. brandon.  ro: two mr. brandons? me: yes, but they are different.  ro: do they look different? me: yes.  like you and your friends all look different.  ro: no we don't.  and i'm not roman, i'm ellowyn(?).  you picked up the wrong kid. 
  • {after his first soccer practice} me: did you make some new friends at soccer practice?  ro: yeah, but i don't know their names. me: that's okay, you'll learn them. ro: there's this one kid, he's not very good.  me: it really isn't nice to say that.  ro: momma, i didn't say that to him, i'm just saying that to you.  me: oh, okay.  maybe you could help him practice to get good.  ro: momma, he can't even keep the ball inside the cones!

here's a few more pictures from ro's first day. these were taken by the school photographer.

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