Sunday, August 12, 2012

9 months

gianna turned 9 months old yesterday!  our sweet cheeks is doing all sorts of new stuff, and growing up way too fast for momma's taste. 

  • you weigh 17 lbs, 13 oz.
  • you busted out all four top teeth this month!  in fact, i really thought you had another ear infection, but the doc said no...just getting all your teeth at once!  i find it really funny to see those little white chicklets poking out when you smile so big!
  • you started to crawl.  like, you were kinda hesitant last weekend and would only move forward one knee and then stop.  this weekend, you are SO fast....we can't even keep track of you!  
  • you are a really good eater.  you eat most of what momma gives you.  canteloupe, black beans, cottage cheese, squash and more.  i even gave you some bread and although you had a hard time picking it up, you were very brave and gummed it up!  i guess we've gotta start on meats now...
  • i'm still in awe of how you and your brother love each other.  he has so much patience for you and is constantly loving on you.  he calms you down and distracts you when momma needs a minute to finish something up.  you light up when you see him each morning and always want to be near him.  
  • you are starting to "talk" a little bit.  mostly when you are babbling away it sounds like "dadada", which poppa thinks is "dada".  we'll let him have that one.  but, when you wake at night and want me, you definitely make a different sound.  it is more like "aahhmmaammaammaaaa".  i'm pretty sure you know who you are talking to! :)  you also have discovered your tongue and like to talk while sticking your tongue out.  that makes for some pretty funny talk.  
gianna, you light up our world in a way that i could have never imagined.  i know that God knew what he was doing when he sent you to us.   

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