Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Un}Prepared for Pre-K

as much as i prepared for this day physically, you know, buying supplies, labeling all of his new school gear, packing the car, etc..., i just don't think i was mentally prepared for this. thank goodness it was a busy morning. toby and i both got up at 5:30 to get ready so that we weren't scrambling when it was time for the kids to wake up. roman was pumped to get going and was fantastic at getting himself ready. i mean, uniforms are expensive, but they sure do take the guesswork out of "what am i going to wear today?"...really, it's only red shirt or white shirt right now! i warned him that i would be taking lots of pictures. it was like i went papparazzi on him or something. this is big, folks...big. bear with me. i've chosen 18 of my favorites from the morning. that tells you how many i took if i only narrowed it down to my favorite 18. hee hee. 

oh momma, i almost forgot to make my bed
make sure you get my bumblebee backpack, mom
this is killing me.  
buckled himself in.  
aunt hettie called to wish him a great first day!
he was really excited to talk to her
my catholic schoolboys
my big boy, my heart
let's do this!
st. gregory's mascot, the raven
a little blurry, but such a great shot.  love the look back...
putting supplies away
checking out some of the new stations
praying hands
mrs. kelley is so funny
it was so loud, mrs. kelley had to use her microphone

after mrs. kelley said a prayer and told the kids what would be happening next, she told the kids to give mom and dad a big hug and kiss and get in line for recess.  roman hopped up and gave us a real quick hug and kiss and was the first in line!  i had to get that picture even though toby was pulling my shirt to make me leave.  mrs. wyman took all the excited kids out to the playground while the ones that were having a hard time stayed back with mrs. kelley.  i almost wanted to stay with her myself.  but i forced my feet to walk outside.
first in line for recess!

and then, i snuck another picture of them walking out to the playground.  he never even looked my way.  most of me is super happy that he wasn't looking for me and that he was just so excited to start his new adventure.  but the other part of me is crying.  how can he be old enough to go to school?  
SO ready for recess!

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Autumn said...

Thanks for making ME cry! My kids go to pre-school, so I always thought I would be more prepared... but reading this makes me think otherwise! YIKES! He is so big and what a good kid you and Toby have raised. Best of luck to Roman on his Pre-K adventure!!