Monday, August 20, 2012

All Over the Place

yeah, this post will be all over the place...just like a certain 9 month old!

 while gianna and i were watching roman at his taekwondo class, she was being so happy and making all kinds of's just a few!
roman has started to learn a new weapon at taekwondo.  it's called the ssahng jeol bong (or nunchucks) he was so excited to finally get to use his Christmas present!
we are also getting ready for soccer.  practice starts this week.  his new cleats have these plastic pieces that you can stick in the sides to change the color of the stripes...he chose red to match his shirt yesterday.  poppa took him up to the field to get some practice in.
gianna is ALL OVER the place!  here's sneaky girl under the end table. 
roman and toby went to home depot so roman could get something to build.  he really wanted to build a birdhouse.  home depot didn't have any kits at all and lowe's didn't have any birdhouse kits, so he picked out this racecar to make.  fun!
gianna is such a little piggy, if you don't hurry with her food, she starts to eat her bib or placemat. 

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