Monday, July 30, 2012

Can You Believe...?

...that my baby is about to start pre-K?  yeah, me neither!
here's mr. spiffy in his st. gregory uniform.  left pic is everyday uniform, right pic is friday uniform (for going to mass).  he is SO excited to wear a tie (just like poppa)! 
...that gianna is big enough to sit with us at the table now?  we are ALL so excited about this.  especially big brother!
...that my babaloo is about to start crawling? (the kitchen floor is too slippery, no grip.  oh, and she keeps catching a peek at herself in the who wouldn't want to stop and stare at that?)
...that she actually moved one knee in the forward direction!  i'm gonna call that her "first crawl".  woo to the hoo!
...that i actually took a picture of these cards in target?  oh my goodness they cracked me up!  especially the one on the right...
...that ro is making huge strides in the pool?  he can actually touch bottom now and wants so badly to have swim lessons.  so, we've promised that if he works on blowing bubbles and putting his face in the water that we will get him swim lessons.  dude is motivated.
...that ro and i got to go to the pool on sunday morning?  all by ourselves?  no one was there!  well, another mom and son came for a little while, but they stayed on the other end and we were basically the only swimmers!  oh, and we took the golf cart.  so fun!
...she likes carrots but not mashed potatoes?  whose child is this anyway?

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Krista Teat said...

Oh my goodness! Ro looks like a big kid! And look at Gianna! Adorable.

PS. I will gladly receive either of those cards in the mail! xoxo