Friday, July 6, 2012

He's a Funny One...

just some funny/interesting things roman has been saying lately...
  • momma, can we move?  this house is boring.  i wanna move to delaware.  so i could walk to mimi's and not have to get in the car. 
  • momma, can you be quiet?  i'm calling mady to see if she wants to come over and watch the hulk.  (we haven't watched the hulk before, so i'm not sure where that came from)
  • roman is always requesting me to fast forward through commercials on his shows.  a while ago, i hit rewind to show him something he missed and he asked me if i hit "fast backward".  honestly, that makes more sense these days since there really isn't a tape to "re-wind", right?
  • as i was getting frustrated with one of his transformers (i.e., couldn't put it together), he says "momma, i know you are just need to calm down" (while stroking my hair in that "aww, bless her heart" kind of way)
  • recently, i took roman on some errands with me, including a small quest to find navy shoes. at dinner he said ... "momma, remember when you were looking for army shoes today?"...  huh?  ...oh, now i get it, army/navy...hee hee
  • lately, roman has been a little standoffish with toby at night when it's time to give hugs and kisses.  so last night, i asked him why he didn't want to give poppa hugs and kisses.  he said "cause poppa is scratchy"  (toby is growing a beard...maybe he'll re-think it if it means no kisses!)
  • i bought a few special snacks for roman to take for lunch and so we were discussing how he could have them in his lunch the next day and he said..."so we got that, check.  and then i want applesauce, check.  and then i want a ganilla bar (granola bar), check.  and pudding, check. and two juices, check".  i guess that's everything on his list! 
  • on the fourth, he was in bed and kept telling me that he was scared of the fireworks (we could hear them pretty loud since a few of our neighbors were putting them off).  i kept telling him that it was like thunder and it was loud, but it wouldn't hurt him.  he kept on being fussy about it, but then he said..."can you see them momma?" so, i looked and could see a little bit.  i asked him if he wanted to go look at them and of course, he said "yes, that would make me feel better".  ha, yeah, i bet it would! anything to get out of going to bed. 

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