Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Crazy Life

i really wish i was more organized and could put together a blog post that actually made sense but this seems to represent our life lately...just a mishmash of things running together, and i get to it when i can.  such is life with two small ones and a new dog, i guess.  but honestly, i wouldn't have it any other way.  we are busy and having fun and exhausted and just in love with our little family.  

i hope you at least get the picture of what's been going on...even if i don't really make it easy for you!  :)

this video was of gianna just jabbering away like she always does.  she really is a talker.  she wakes up talking to herself and loves for you to interact with her and talk back to her.  

right before this, she was up on her hands and knees looking like she was gonna take off towards me.  then, i started filming her and all i got was this.  what a tease!

i've been trying to make as much of her food as possible.  since roman is such a picky eater, i'm trying not to go down that road with her.  i think if she is used to what these fruits and veggies really taste like, instead of the stuff in the jars (nothing wrong with it, i still use that too sometimes), then maybe we can get her to eat more than chicken nuggets and peanut butter samiches...just sayin....haha.  so far, she likes sweet potatoes, zucchini, avocado, yogurt, squash, bananas, peaches, pears and some other stuff too.  i should take a hint and eat some too, right?  
 i thought this was funny.  polka dotted shirt...polka dotted sheets...

...she's sleeping in a sea of polka dots!
 gianna's been teething.  that's an understatement.  she's getting all 4 top teeth (in the front) at once.  late last week, the two in the middle popped through.  can you see them?  she's been more comfortable since then, but i don't think we are out of the woods yet.  all i can say is that she is a multi-tasker like her momma.  do work, girl.
 we went over to aunt hettie's for dinner on sunday.  roman had lots of fun playing outside with the girls.  unfortunately, chase was sick and couldn't come, so no boys to play with, but that's okay.  he had a blast anyway.  here's the only picture i got.  and right after this, reese said "roman, you look like you have a cigarette in your mouth".  now i'm just waiting for him to ask me what a cigarette is!
 she's ready for her close-up
 guido's ears are really starting to stick up.  its super cute.  he's lucky he's cute, because he's been getting into some trouble lately.  we have a linoleum piece under his crate and play area for carpet protection and the last two nights we've come home to ripped linoleum.  uh oh!  so, tonight, toby got a box of cheap laminate hardwood floor and put it together to put under there.  think he'll be able to destroy that?  i hope not!
 poppa is so thoughtful, he brought momma and roman their own coffee drinks on saturday morning.  fuel for taekwondo!  speaking of taekwondo, he is one bad mama jama!!!
 also, roman has had a hard time falling asleep at night, mostly because he keeps calling us upstairs for "one more drink, one more huggie, one more kiss"...etc.  so, in an effort to get him to fall asleep faster, and also to help me be able to get my chores done before 11pm, we devised a sticker chart that allows him to earn stickers for good behavior and not calling mom and dad up for little things at night.  if he makes it through the night with no calling us, he gets two stickers.  also, for getting himself dressed, being a good listener and so on.  if he fills up his chart, he gets a prize.  he has really been into transformers and so that is what he has been getting after his chart is full.  so far, he has filled up two charts and we are starting a third one tonight.  here he is with his full chart of stickers and his new transformer, arcee.  (funny thing he said about arcee..."momma, arcee is a motorcyle and she's a girl, so she's a little bit boring"...i guess girls are boring!)
*yes, he is on the never know when a photo op will occur*

just in case you wanted to know how to make a cheese and cracker sandwich.  (please pardon the rocking back and forth and chewing with his mouth full, he was raised by wolves, apparently)
 roman told me he could hop on one foot for nine minutes...

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