Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sandgnats, Sunshine, Shoppers, Sleepers & the Sheriff

just playing catch-up here...

since roman really didn't get to see real fireworks on the 4th of july, toby took him to a savannah sandgnats game and they had fireworks afterward.  unfortunately, the night before, the game was rained out and so the game they went to ended up being a double header.  in 95+ degree heat.  so, long and very, very hot.  but, the boys kept sending me pics on my phone, and it certainly looked like they were having fun.  

roman is much braver than he used to be.  high fives for gnate the gnat.  and now he's all decked out in sandgnats gear.  (why no, that is not chocolate in the corners of his mouth, why do you ask?)
the boys, livin' it up!
gnate the gnat!
he got a real foul ball, with real dirt on it!

um, did i mention that it was hot?
the next day, we spent a lot of time outside, enjoying the new baby pool.  roman got to be all crazy and jumpy on the slide since gianna was napping.  
after nap, little sis joined us for some afternoon sunshine
clever container
my babies helping me shop at target
guido's VERY comfy
so is gianna.  this girl is super flexible
we got a golf cart from one of my friends at work, and officer roman is taking his duties as neighborhood patrolman very seriously
driving miss stacie
this was my sunday night snack.  is it any wonder i got any sleep at all?  but, on another note...yum.

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