Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Break Fun

roman had no school the week after Easter, so he got to do a lot of fun stuff with poppa. they would work around the house in the morning and then go have some fun.


he got to play a little putt putt golf


and he had nice hit at his baseball game too


since toby's dad was in town, we realized that all 5 Amada Colellas were in one spot at one time and took the photo op...

Amada Joseph, Amada Stephen, Amada Tobias, Amada Chase and Amada Roman

gianna was super excited about her own personal ice cream. although momma is not too happy that she seems to be a vanilla girl. i guess that she will take after her poppa that way. roman is a chocolate lover like momma though!

one day roman and poppa went to the go-kart track

who is having more fun here?

roman and chase got to go to a really fun birthday party at island playground for their friend, carson.

meanwhile, gianna had to stay home from the party and so as a consolation prize, we watched frozen. again. for the 879th time. she's got the hand motions down pat, now.



the next day, another cool birthday party at the bowling alley. here is roman trying to make it through the laser maze.

gianna is doing really well on her tricycle. but she really hates it when "it's not going!"


now it's back to school! 6 more weeks and then it's summertime!


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