Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Really Fun Weekend

we had a couple of fun things on the schedule for saturday, but i wanted to take the kids to the park on friday night after school to start the weekend off on a fun note. poppa had something to do, so it was just the two monkeys and momma.

gianna is obsessed with the swings, so of course, she headed straight to them. she is really lucky that her older brother wants to push her, because it tires momma out!

"i wanna go really high!"

she could live here, i think...


these two just make my heart swell with pride. she is being super adventurous and big brother is right there to encourage her ("just believe in yourself..."). so cute!

we had lots of fun...

i asked for a funny face, so roman did this....

...and gianna ran away!

saturday morning, we headed to the baseball field for roman's game. little first baseman, ready for the ball.

gianna and gracie were girly-ing up the dugout.

roman and chase, after the game. this is is a born stuntman!

saturday afternoon, we headed out to logan's birthday party. we were really lucky because siblings were invited too, so gianna got to have some fun too. logan lives in a really cool neighborhood that has a lake and they have a place called the Outpost where the party was held. it's like a little fishing hole with a small pavilion and dock. we loved exploring!

momma, i wanna go on that!

ooooh, the water is pretty!

dinner time! how cute are the little picnic baskets?

roman went on his first kayak ride. of course, he was supervised by an adult, but i was nervous anyway. he still blew me a kiss on his way out. i guess he's not too cool for that yet, thank goodness!

i don't think he could have smiled any bigger.

and off they go!

meanwhile, the little girls played in the tent. i think that this is gianna's "uh oh, i'm caught" face. i should probably get used to this.

hey, who's out there?


gracie, nel and gianna jumped, ran and screamed for about a half hour straight!

when we got home from the party, toby had converted gianna's crib to a toddler bed, so she was checking it out.

i think she was pretty excited, what do you think?

good thing she was ready to lay down, because it was already bedtime!

these two are something else. i just love how close they are. they both got tattoos at the party and wanted them in the same spot on their arms. buh buh buh bad to the bone!

and, another momentous occasion in the colella household...the snaggle tooth FINALLY came out. roman actually kneed himself in the face while getting dressed (???) on sunday and we were able to pull that sucka right on out!

our friends allison and jason came over to visit for a little bit on sunday and we pulled this pool floatie out to give to them for their new baby, but gianna thought it was a new toy!

seriously, those pigtails. that smile. i. can't. even. stand. it.


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