Monday, May 26, 2014

Last Game

last week was the last day of baseball for the season. it happened to be on a thursday night and we were excited to get out there one last time before summer really starts. roman plays with several boys from his class and chase too. it really is nice to see everyone every week. and gianna has a lot of fun too.


gianna likes to camp out near the golf cart and mostly partake in the snacks.

we were really excited to see a surprise guest show up...Mady!

this cracks me up. gianna took my phone to take some pictures. they were mostly of her finger and other random grass shots too, but you can see in her shadow picture that she was trying to take a picture of mady.

roman got a really great hit, it went all the way out to the grass!

this one was pretty good too, but i mostly like it because you can see that Mady was watching very intently. it was really cute to watch. once he realized she was there, he kept turning around to look at her. i had to remind him to keep his eyes on the game. uh oh...what are we in for? these two....

yay! it's over! time for trophies!

they had a wonderful team this year, coached by greg, toby and aj.

goofy picture time!

yay for trophies...they were asked to keep them at their bellies. and look at my son. nice.

this has to be one of my most favorite pictures of all time. these girls, mady and ella, are truly wonderful friends to my kiddos. we love them so much!


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