Sunday, May 18, 2014

We Have Been Busy!

i always seem to think that things will slow down for us after Christmas...after Valentine's Day...after Easter....after whatever is next. but, it never does! we are always busy. ball games, birthday parties, play is always something! but, honestly, i wouldn't have it any other way. what that means is that we are lucky enough to have family and friends close by. i'm grateful. tired, but grateful.

last weekend, we celebrated chase and gage's birthdays with a little bounce house fun, pizza and cake. fun times with cousins!

these kiddos are SO nuts!

i had a great "smother's" day!


Mother's Day, eh...

this girl wants to watch Frozen every minute of every day. so, she will get comfortable anywhere.




and of course, she knows all the songs...



believe it or not, this was gianna's first time having her fingernails painted. we tried at Christmas, but she wouldn't do it, so i waited a while longer, and sure enough, she kept asking for it! i figured doing it outside would be best.

me and my girly-girl

i asked for a smile and got this. your guess is as good as mine.


we had our friends over and when it looked like it was about to rain, we headed inside and turned on a movie. which one you ask? well, Frozen, of course!

the kids piled on top of each other on the couch...

and they all know ALL the words!


mady tried out roman's motorcycle and after a few tries, she was a old pro!

...and to top off a great day, roman lost his tooth! the tooth fairy has been spending a lot of time flying to our house...we might need to just have her spend the night, huh?


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