Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In a Groove

 guess we are getting in a groove. a school groove. a sports groove. whatever groove you want to call it. we kinda do the same things over and over again. and i like it. i'm really ready for fall, though. can we have crisp air? can we have jeans and sweatshirts? c'mon already! i mean, if starbucks has pumpkin spice lattes, then i should be able to wear closed toe shoes without my feet sweating. oh wait, tmi? sorry!

 this makes me smile every time i catch a peek of them

 roman can make his sister smile/laugh like no one else can!

roman is enjoying his swimming lesson, he's such a quick learner.
roman is so pumped for soccer.  once he got in the game, he was a beast!  he just went after the ball and never gave up.  this picture is right before he scored a goal!
hard to tell, but there are actually 2 teams represented here.  they actually both had red shirts, the other team is more maroon, but you can't tell in this picture.  they are wearing white shorts, though.  so, you can see, ro has his headband and eyeblack on, and is focused on the ball. 
the colella boys needed some hydration

chase came over after the game and they played together.  they always play together well.  here they are calling me roman's favorite name...

i hate doing it, but sometimes a girl just needs to blow dry her hair without worrying that the ankle biter will crawl off and stick her finger in a socket.  i hate the "why you put me in baby jail" face.  but, 95% of the time she is happy and loving it in there. so yay, momma gets some personal hygiene in!
roman loves to pray with his "praying cross" that he made in school.

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